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Tutorial # 3  DTP with QuarkXPress : Preparing Pictures for Print

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QuarkXPress 2016 features that stand out!QuarkXPress 2016 features

QuarkXPress 2016 features are a promising initiative is that of making it easier to integrate files created with a wide variety of other applications. For example, we're told that "QuarkXPress is the first layout application to import PDF, Illustrator and EPS files and convert them to native objects." It's not entirely clear whether converting imported documents is always the best approach, as opposed to performing round-trip editing, especially since Quark adds a discrete asterisk and the words "Restrictions apply." But if it works perfectly, importing PDF ads into layouts and being able to edit them, for example, would be very handy indeed. Related is the ability to copy items from other applications such as PowerPoint, Illustrator or even InDesign and paste them into a QuarkXPress layout as "Native QuarkXPress Objects." That sounds quite valuable, although again "Restrictions apply."

Create fixed-layout HTML5 versions of XPress documents

Another significant advance is the possibility to create fixed-layout HTML5 versions of XPress documents, with Quark stating that XPress is "Quite possibly the easiest way to share your final magazine, newspaper, comics, reports, ads and more." Comics? But beyond that the words "quite possibly" are quite pesky. What does Quark mean? Is XPress or isn't it the easiest tool for this? More conviction would inspire confidence. XPress also now delivers multi-colour gradients that are claimed to be "best in class." Here Quark refers to InDesign obliquely by stating that "Unlike other layout software, you can even set different opacity levels for each colour stop."

Other minor QuarkXPress 2016 features, additions and improvements

There are a number of other minor feature additions and improvements (with the new colour picker being a standout) but those are the high points. Don't misunderstand, we're far from being Adobe fanboys. Quite the contrary, we like nothing better than compelling alternatives to the Creative Cloud offerings. Overall this is a more ambitious update than 2015's offering but one of the main attractions of XPress remains the absence of a subscription model, coupled with an upgrade policy that includes the antique version 3. As with InDesign, XPress can be installed on two machines, whether Mac or Windows.

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